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A sports wagering look at the 2011-12 NHL point standings

Will the Capitals win the President's Trophy in 2011-12? Will the Canucks once again be kings of the Western Conference? Are the Devils and Leafs going to have more points than the Stars and Coyotes? Will the Senators suck just a bit more than Colorado for the highest percentage of lottery balls in the 2012 Draft?

These are the questions playing on our minds after seeing the point total over/under projections for the 2011-12 NHL regular season, courtesy of Bodog:

2011-12 Regular Season Point Totals

Washington Capitals  107.5 Nashville Predators    91.5
Vancouver Canucks   106.5 Calgary Flames         90.5
Detroit Red Wings      104.5 New Jersey Devils      90.5
San Jose Sharks        103.5 Toronto Maple Leafs   89.5
Boston Bruins             102.5 Dallas Stars              87.5
Chicago Blackhawks  102.5 Phoenix Coyotes       87.5
Los Angeles Kings     102.5 Columbus Blue Jackets 85.5
Pittsburgh Penguins   100.5 Winnipeg Jets            85.5
Buffalo Sabres              98.5 Carolina Hurricanes    83.5
Philadelphia Flyers       98.5 Florida Panthers        83.5
Tampa Bay Lightning    98.5 Minnesota Wild          82.5
Anaheim Ducks             95.5 New York Islanders    81.5
New York Rangers       94.5 Edmonton Oilers        77.5
Montreal Canadiens     92.5 Colorado Avalanche    75.5
St. Louis Blues             92.5 Ottawa Senators        74.5

Keeping in mind these numbers are established in order to encourage wagering and aren't exactly point projections, a few thoughts:

• The Southeast Division numbers are interesting, in that the Jets are predicted to finish higher than the Hurricanes and the Panthers. Some have tagged the Jets for a space in the conference basement next to Ottawa. If there was one bet we'd make here, it's the Hurricanes and the over. They've been over 90 points in three of the last four seasons.

• Speaking of taking the over … are we just too blinded by the youthful exuberance of the Edmonton Oilers to lay off the over at 77.5 points?

• As far as unders go, the Blues might be just a shade under 92.5 points in the Central; the Flyers are still a work in progress at 98.5 points; and frustrating as it is for those fans and that franchise, is anyone betting over 87.5 points on the Coyotes' goaltending, even with that 'ole Dave Tippett magic?

Any numbers stand out for you?

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