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Please don't assume that the Hawaiian holiday for hockey super-couple Elisha Cuthbert and Dion Phaneuf of the Calgary Flames is all frolicking in the surf and auditioning for future film roles by looking sexy for the paparazzi sweet innocent fun. It's also about extreme action sports like two-person open water ocean kayaking. Even in a lifejacket and sunglasses on loan from a Texas State Trooper, Ms. Cuthbert looks fetching. And it's great to see Dion is prepared for any sea vampire attacks by wearing his silver cross. Although we're sure he'd just destroy them with his hockey powers like their name was Denny Hamel (video).

This photo is from Splash News, which has a rather impressive catalogue of photographs from the Phaneuf/Cuthbert beach lovin' adventure; with classy headlines like "The Secret To Getting In Elisha's Pants? Play Hockey" Actually, that secret was revealed by Elisha herself recently, telling Digital Spy that her "pet peeve is when a guy falls asleep halfway through a movie. If that happens, there's no second date." Hopefully, she isn't making any of her dates watch "House of Wax."

We've been monitoring sites like SportSquee and The Universal Cynic to see if an official nickname for this lovely duo had been established; you know, like "Bennifer" or "TomKat." Searches for "Phuthbert" and "Phanuthbert" turned up nothing; "Cuneuf" is, we think, a foreign word and, we're sure, sounds really dirty. "Eion" is a town in Greece. "Delisha" sounds like a contestant on "America's Next Top Model." We simply must create some tabloid shorthand if this relationship is to continue.

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