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Checking in with our second favorite celebrity puck couple (besides, of course, Phuthbert), Mike Comrie and Hilary Duff were recently spotted grabbing a bite at the Coral Tree Café in Los Angeles. The ever-present cameras of TMZ.com were there to chronicle Comrie hobbling out of the eatery on crutches. "What happened to your leg?" asked our intrepid female paparazzi. Comrie replied "hip surgery," which confirmed some whispers heard around the New York Islanders back in March. "You're very cute on crutches. I mean, you're cute anyway, huh-huh-huh," said our interviewer, continuing her audition for "60 Minutes." At this point, Comrie looks about as comfortable as Sid the Kid being asked about his playoff beard.

Again, we're torn about whether "Duffrie" is a good think for Mikey -- on the one hand, he's dating a cute, blonde, newly minted puckhead; on the other hand, the man can't even have a meal without attracting media bottom feeders. Imagine what life will be like if her movies actually start making coin.

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