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OK, so it doesn't have the gravitas of Jon Voight's '89 LeBaron, but New Jersey Devils forward Zach Parise's 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe is being auctioned off on eBay until Sept. 12 -- or you can buy it now for $36,000.

Rydell Automotive Center in Grand Forks, ND (also serving Fargo!) is selling what it calls an "NHL Star Zach Parise Ed. Tahoe"; which is just your typical suburban assault vehicle that keeps the U.S. suckling on the foreign oil teat, only with several Zach Parise autographs on the leather interior. From Rydell, via eBay:

This is a one of a kind Zach Parise Tahoe. He has owned it for the last year and it was traded back into us! We had him autograph it all over as you can see! If your a UND fan or a New Jerseys Devils fan this Tahoe has you covered. This vehicle only has 32,500 miles on it and still has factory warranty! YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVED A AUTOGRAPHED JERSEY AS YOU CAN SEE IN THE PICTURE WITH YOUR PURCHASE! Hurry before this rare collector is gone!

It's got 32,422 miles on it, but may still have that fresh Parise smell; if not, just purchase one of those "NHL Star Zach Parise Ed. Scented Trees" and hang it from the rearview.

The cool part is that net proceeds from the vehicle will go to fight Juvenile Diabetes, with Parise matching them. The crappy part is that the car is located in North Dakota, and the buyer either picks it up or pays the shipping. We're not even sure if FedEx has a large enough padded envelope for this, let alone the necessary amount of bubble-wrap.

Besides the obvious charitable angle ... does anyone have a desire to own the car previously owned by an NHL star like Zach Parise? Granted, there are those who would purchase the car in the hopes of finding a stray hair for the purposes of DNA cloning. But we've never had the desire to (as Phaneuf has done) go where an NHL player has already been. Unless, of course, it's Bob Probert's old car, for obvious reasons.

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