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Chris from Icethetics has started JerseyWatch 2011, with news from Reebok's "planning catalog" that's sent to retailers across North America. Grain of salt, things could change, all that jazz ... but according to the preliminary details, 11 NHL teams could be altering their jerseys for the 2011-12 season.

Icethetics has the full rundown of the potential changes, but here are a few of the more tantalizing possibilities:

Atlanta Thrashers

Their current third jerseys were met with instant ridicule upon their debut in 2008, considering how the team was trying to cultivate the notion of Thrashers games being "Blueland" while releasing a maroon sweater. (At the time, Icethetics called it "a great jersey if you can look past the front of it"; that has since changed to "arguably the ugliest third jersey of the Reebok era.")

Icethetics predicts a navy blue sweater for the Thrashers, and we're down with this prediction: "If it is an original design, I'd count on a major element that highlights the city of Atlanta, be it a new logo or straight-up text."

Dallas Stars

According to Reebok, the Stars are going to launch a new third jersey. From Icethetics:

Currently, the Stars wear a black jersey and a white jersey, each of which simply has the word "DALLAS" arched above the sweater number -- not too unlike the Thrashers' current third. They're trimmed in gold and only the white uniform has any hint of green. Their third jersey is the only one with any kind of a logo on the front.

Now it seems they're finally ready to advance the brand and add something new. (Let's just hope it's not a black version of the present third.) I think we're all anticipating something in green, a color that's slowly but surely returning to the NHL after an absence that went on too long.

Let's all hope it's not another anatomical gaffe like this one, which we declared was the second-worst jersey of the last decade.

Florida Panthers

Icethetics reports that it'll be new home and away jerseys for the Panthers next season, and is hoping for a return to the red. We're more interested in seeing what kind of logo the team will develop, as we're all a bit tired of the leaping cat with the tiny legs.

Los Angeles Kings

Considering the Kings have four different jerseys in circulation now, will they have three new ones next season? Not really. From Icethetics:

If I had to guess, the crown logo along with the black and purple sweaters will disappear. Replacing them will be the LA shield logo along with black and white jerseys. And as for the third, obviously the purple and gold throwback is the front-runner.

And that suspicion just got a little more meat on it last night when the Kings added nameplates to those jerseys. Surnames are a league requirement on uniforms, but they got away without them for opening night against the Canucks as they were celebrating the 40th anniversary of their first meeting -- which was at a time when jerseys didn't have nameplates.

The black-and-white ones replacing the current models make too much sense.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Finally, this one is rather interesting, if only because the Lightning motif offers so many chances for a home run or strike out. From Icethetics, on new home and away sweaters:

This is news to me and while I never thought Tampa Bay's jerseys were perfect, I am surprised to hear they're changing them again after just four seasons. My guess is it has to do with the new management team. So, changes all around in the Sunshine State.

Frankly, I like the Reebok Edge uniforms better than what the Bolts wore previously. The blue is brighter and the stripes aren't quite so boring. If your team name is Lightning, you can really afford to not have bland sweater designs.

Indeed. Will they go with black again, or something different?

Check out Icethetics for the other teams that may change their looks next season, including the Nashville Predators, Edmonton Oilers, New York Islanders and Pittsburgh Penguins.

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