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Where was the Stanley Cup on Nathan Horton’s day?As you may have heard, Boston Bruins forward Nathan Horton's(notes) day with the Stanley Cup in Dunnville, Ont. was short-circuited by an air travel snafu: Horton was there for the Sunday afternoon celebration in front of about 6,000 people, but the Stanley Cup was not.

This did not sit well with Mrs. Horton, who claimed the Cup was "missing" during its travel from Boston to Buffalo. Via DJ Bean of Big Bad Blog, "missing" might have been an exaggeration:

Speaking with WEEI.com, a JetBlue representative explained that the Cup was scheduled to fly from Boston to Buffalo on an 8 a.m. flight. It was checked in seven minutes late, however, as its 7:37 a.m. check-in went past the 30-minute cutoff time. As a result, it missed its flight and had to take a later one.

Massport told WEEI.com that after checking with both Logan and the State Police, nothing was ever called in about the Stanley Cup being missing.

So there you go. Not missing, not Logan International Airport's fault; we're guessing as with the majority of missed flights, Cinnabon is to blame.

Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star was in Dunnville, where a parade went on even without the trophy of honor:

"I'm kind of embarrassed it's not here," said Horton, addressing the crowd. "But we'll do our best to get it here so you can take pictures." When he landed in Buffalo earlier Sunday, the Cup — which was supposed to have been on the flight — wasn't there.

Horton waited and waited — he was late to Dunnville by an hour — but the baggage handlers couldn't find the Cup. Turns out, it was still in Boston. The Cup finally arrived in Dunnville around 2:20 p.m.

Tough break for the good people of Dunnville. Luckily, if you're going to have a frustrating wait for the Stanley Cup, might as well be in Ontario. They're used to it.

Cup image via Chris McEvoy on Twitter.

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