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One of the unexpected joys of this blog is when classic posts elicit a reaction months or years after their publication. Such is the case with Puck Buddy Ben Stryker's recent email.

In 2008, we asked how much you'd pay for the worst jersey in hockey history: The Anaheim Ducks (then Mighty Ducks of Anaheim) "Wild Wing" third jersey, featuring a cartoon Mighty Duck bursting out of the ice (or the wearer's stomach, "Alien" style), horrible colors and an "extreme" font for the name plate.

The eBay auctioneer selling it at the time called it "easily the worst jersey ever created and one of the hardest to find." The seller set the opening price at $250 for this oddity.

Many moons have passed since that post, so we were pleasantly surprised when Ben wrote the following:

In this article you begged the question how much I would pay for this jersey. Well good sir, I have an answer for you: $355 plus $8 shipping. I have been eyeing this Wild Wing jersey for a while, and when a Selanne one came up (signed too), I knew it had to be mine. As a life-long Ducks fan (one of the few), I can say I am proud of this jersey, and I fully embrace its awesomeness.

He spelled "awfulness" wrong. Ben continues:

There is one thing I ask of you. My family and friends think I am a raving lunatic for dropping $363 on a jersey I will wear but a few times. You don't have to condone my eBayhavior, but if you could feature me on Jersey Fouls, and present my case to the impartial Yahoo! Hockey community, I hope to get the fair trial I deserve.

Good sir: This wouldn't be featured in Jersey Fouls because it's not a Foul; it's just a terrible, hideous abomination that fails to pass the kitsch test. It should be unraveled and turned into a Jacksonville Jaguars jersey; that this would be an upgrade should tell you all you need to know about it.

But Ben's question remains: Is he a raving lunatic to drop $363 on the worst jersey in NHL history, or does this jersey's sorry place in that history warrant its price tag?

And if there was one now-defunct alternate sweater you could buy, which one would it be?

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