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The Anaheim Ducks could have a decision from Scott Niedermayer very shortly, and Ducks Blog over on the team's official site writes that "you can book it: He's coming back," before wondering if Teemu Selanne could be far behind. All of this must be soothing news for Ducks fans who watched their veteran lollygagging cost the team a division title that would have kept them out of that deadly first-round series with Dallas.

Selanne's in the news here today for another reason, however. While scanning eBay for our Mike Sillinger jersey collection (hey, we're completists), we came across a rather rare find: A gently used but still horrific Ducks' third-jersey featuring Selanne, that even the seller claims is "easily the worst jersey ever created and one of the hardest to find." Men's Vogue guest editor Sean Avery agrees wholeheartedly.

The opening price is $250, which begs the question: How much would you pay for the worst jersey of all-time?

Honestly, it's an investment we'd consider, but it makes us sort of weepy to think guys like Selanne and Anatoli Semenov were forced to wear something that that looks like the front of a bad cereal box. (Had it been a Todd Ewen jersey, however ...) Just over three days left in the auction as of this morning. Bid with confidence!

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