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We all know what the typical playoff beard looks like. Depending on the ability to grow one and the age of a player, the beards could look salt-and-pepper scruffy like Scott Niedermayer's or babyish like Sidney Crosby's current one. A player could go all out like Mike Commodore and not shave any part of his body during a playoff run.

Then there's Jaromir Jagr.

I don't really know the reasoning behind it, except that it looks pretty ridiculous. During Jagr's days with the Pittsburgh Penguins, he was part of many deep playoff runs; but he was a baby back then and the only thing that grew on his cheeks was a blushy-red color. Instead of the playoff beard, he let the hair grow off the back of his head, not anywhere on his face.

Could it be that the Rangers captain is going for the "Fro Hawk" look on his face? I can't imagine what that thing is going to look like if the Rangers keep playing hockey for a few more weeks. It really could look like he's got a squirrel's tail hanging off his chin.

Sean Leahy is the editor of Going Five Hole and a contributor to Y! Sports hockey blog.

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