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The Hockey Gods have smiled upon the good fans Winnipeg with the return of the Jets on Sunday, and HockeyGods.com will have you grinning (maybe) with this Justin Timberlake-inspired parody in honor of that return: "We Got The Jets Back." (NSFW warning for some skin-tight outfits.)

Andrew Ladd's(notes) name written in body-paint? Relocation's looking pretty sweet already.

So, we'd say this is on par with the Gods' "Black and Yellow" spoof for the Penguins but they still haven't cleared that bar they set with "Love To Hear The Boos." But that's like asking Steve Mason(notes) to repeat his rookie season, you know?

Our own Nick Cotsonika's up in the 'Peg for opening day, so check back here and on the Yahoo! Sports NHL page for more today. Should be a hell of a scene.

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