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The Spokane Chiefs defeated the Kitchener Rangers, 4-1, to win the 90th Memorial Cup on Sunday. And then teammates Chris Bruton and Trevor Glass accidently broke the damn thing. Oops:

Chris Bruton lifted the trophy over his head twice Sunday and kissed it. Then, as he was about to hand it to teammate Trevor Glass, the cup became separated from its heavy base, which fell to the ice, drawing boos from fans at Memorial Auditorium who already were disappointed that their home team lost. The good news is that it's a replica trophy. The one that has been handed out to the junior hockey champion since 1919 is in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

"It just kind of crumbled in my hands and I'm sure I'll be all over YouTube and I'll get e-mails for the rest of my life over that, but I don't care because we won the cup and that's all that matters," Bruton said. "It's just as beautiful and maybe more beautiful that we have that top off and we can drink from the cup a little easier."

What was that about YouTube Y! Sports video?

Wrap Around Curl hipped us to the video, had some thoughts about why a broken trophy may actually fit within the character of this Spokane team:

It's actually kinda adorable. This rag tag group of kids make it all the way and win. They break the coveted trophy. And don't even f--king care. There was nothing but pure joy to be seen. Ecstatic they some how clawed their was through these teams and bested them all. This fight is longer and harder than the one for Lord Stanley, then it all comes down to a round-robin tournament and one final game.

These kids aren't millionaires. They go back to being regular kids who just happened to do something amazing. They are playing hockey out of sheer joy and love.

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