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When we discovered Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin had fallen for his girlfriend  Katja, visions of a glorious future wedding between the Clown Prince of Pucks and his Princess of Internet Dating went dancing through our heads. But would that actually be Ovie's second trip down the aisle? "Russian bombshell" Olga Puchkova tells the Charlottesville Daily Progress, in a story about the Boyd Tinsley USTA Women's Pro Tennis Championships, that she was once engaged to Ovechkin. Language barrier goof, or a heretofore underreported part of the 22-year-old Ovechkin's romantic past? As Japers' Rink, who pointed us to the story, wrote: "I knew plenty of the younger Russian NHLers had idolized Fedorov growing up ... I guess I just didn't know how much." As for Puchkova, she's cute enough for her own creepy YouTube video tribute. And not everyone can say that, right? Well, besides Ovechkin.

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