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Please recall a Puck Headlines post from earlier in the week in which we mentioned a rather curious occurrence: a line brawl in a Wednesday night sledge hockey game between the U.S. and Canada that featured players "missing legs to amputation or birth defects" and paraplegics.

We asked for video, and reader Philip J. sent over this clip from YouTube which shows just how this incredible scene played out, complete with musical accompaniment by U2:

Can you believe the audacity of some of those players; you know, fighting with their face shields on? What Don Cherry must be thinking right now ...

From Canwest comes this review of the brawl, which started when Canadian goaltender Paul Rosen was hit by American Taylor Chace after he froze the puck:

Captain Jean Labonte immediately came to Rosen's defence and pretty soon all the players on the ice were in a big scrum, some clearly throwing punches with their gloves still on.

"Very nice guy. Dear friend of mine," Rosen, tongue firmly planted in his cheek, said of Chace. "Going out for Christmas dinner."

Two Canadians - forwards Billy Bridges and Greg Westlake - were landing punches, but were only assessed roughing and misconduct penalties, while Chace got a double minor and a misconduct. American Andy Yohe was inexplicably not penalized, although he did come in from behind on Bridges at one point with his fists flailing.

Yohe was that Canadian-seeking missile that entered the fight at about the 1:10 mark for the U.S.

The whole thing felt more like a wrestling match than a hockey brawl, and there wasn't a bare fist to be found. But does anyone else have a newfound respect for sledge hockey? Because that was awesome.

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