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You've got a paper plate of nachos. The chips have been devoured, but the delicious sea of meat, processed cheese and Mexican beans remains in its edible, pre-congealed state.  

You've got one good sip of watered-down stadium beer left in a plastic cup.

You are a rather rotund gentleman in a hockey sweater and stylish hat.

Taking these factors into consideration, there is only one logical course of action.

Nacho Funnel! (Beware one NSFW word.)

Without a doubt, the two funniest things in this clip: The way our friend looks around before attempting Nacho Funnel, making sure the coast is clear before pouring a beer into a meat and cheese-filled paper plate in a public place. And the fact that after one Nacho Funnel attempt, he did everything but fling the plate down to the ice to avoid having to do it again.

Question of the morning: Does anyone here on Puck Daddy get the stadium nachos? We're popcorn and pretzel people, for the most part.

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