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One warrior is unceremoniously dumped to the ice by an alleged ally. He slashes his assailant on the ankle, rises, turns, and lets loose an animalistic swat with his arm. They glare at each other as billowing rage blankets the rink. Suddenly, the aggrieved player sheds his mitts, drops his stick and prepares to seek his vengeance ...

... Until his mommy tells him to stop, that is.

Wish those kids were mic'd up so we could have heard some quality mites-hockey chirping. "You're the poo-poo head, ya plug!" "You skate like Demi Lovato, clown shoes!"

(On second thought, that probably would have led to this.)

Alas, we're robbed of the best teammate vs. teammate scrap since Newcastle in 2008.

But we still may have the best Florida Panthers highlight of 2010. What's with that sweater and intra-team violence?

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