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Updated: Tuesday, February 16

Every arena has those gimmicky entertainment bits between stoppages of play to keep their fans entertained. Madison Square Garden is no stranger to having to come up with creative ideas to get their fans to stop thinking about how poorly the New York Knicks and Rangers have been this season.

During Sunday's matinee with the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Rangers in the midst of a comeback after being down 2-0, the always-fun marriage proposal bit was shown on the scoreboard and unfortunately for the poor guy popping the question, it ended with embarrassing results: 

Poor guy right? Well, not exactly. It seems like the entire thing was a hoax. We haven't received a response to our inquiry from the Rangers PR department, but Andrew Gross of the Bergen Record spoke with an MSG source who confirmed that the couple were paid actors hired through an agency to be part of the in-game entertainment. Michael Obernauer of The Daily News added that the couple were actually engaged in real life.

The denial had the arena buzzing afterwards and fans were left to believe that some poor guy had his heart crushed in front of a packed MSG. Media outlets quickly picked up on the story (including England) and the video became a YouTube hit with over 140,000 views as the debate over its authenticity carried on.

The fake marriage proposal bit is often used as we saw during a Houston Rockets game two years ago, which also was on Valentine's Day. If someone really wanted to be brave, they'd follow in the footsteps of the infamous College Humor prank proposal at Yankee Stadium from 2007.

Stick-tap to HockeyBash.com for the video and Pete Prose for Tweeting it over

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