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It's not been an easy season for Mike Comrie(notes) of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

He's been a healthy scratch in six of the last seven games, and when he's in the lineup he's been ineffective: one assist and zero goals in his last eight appearances.

But it's not all doom and gloom for the NHL journeyman: Hilary Duff is sending him sexually explicit photos on her cell phone.

Comrie's wife was on the Billy Bush radio program last week and admitted that they "keep things interesting" by sending him sext messages that feature everything but her face. Unfortunately, the collection of Lizzie McGuire posters in the background are a dead giveaway ...

Here's Duff on Bush. Relevant chatter in the first 40 seconds, but there's other relationship (and baby!) talk and hockey fighting talk as well.

It's actually an interesting little chat about being a Hockey WAG:

We're sure Comrie's agent will be pleased to hear his client will be retired in five years, max.

Oh, Duffrie ... never change. Especially because we're confident that lunkhead Comrie will leave his iPhone at some trendy club and the Duff pix will get Sterger'd. Wouldn't be the first time we've been blown away by Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie photos.

Video via Aceshowbiz.

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