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In a Tuesday night USHL game against the Sioux City Musketeers, 19-year-old defenseman Andrew Prochno of the Sioux Falls Stampede fired a slap shot from the blue line that hit the goal post. Curiously, the referee blew his whistle to stop play, confusing fans and players on what appeared to be a routine occurrence during a hockey game.

But there was nothing routine about it, because Prochno's shot off the iron split the puck in half on impact. Check out the first 55 seconds of this clip for one of the oddest moments you'll ever see on the ice:

Finally, the hockey equivalent to knocking the guts out of a baseball.

Jim Olander covered the game on KELO 1320 AM for the Stampede, who lost the Tier I junior league game in a shootout, 5-4. "It was the first time I've ever seen that happen," said Olander, who has been broadcasting hockey games for 12 years. "At first we thought was a piece of a stick that broke."

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Olander said Prochno is known for having a hard shot, but honestly: You could be the love child of Al Iafrate and Al MacInnis, with Bobby Hull as your grandfather, and still not rocket the puck hard enough for it to split.

First thought here is faulty puck, although Olander said he hadn't heard any diagnosis from team personnel. To the right is a photo taken of the puck after last night's game in Sioux City.

Reason No. 56,314 We Love Hockey: Moments in which an announcer asks "Do you get half a goal if half of the puck goes in?" Take that, Vegas Sportsbook oddsmakers.

Stick-tap to Tim Garoutte for the tip and Kevin Hurley for the clip.

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