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The 17th hole at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Lake Tahoe is 162 yards and a par-3.

After Sunday, you can add another detail to its legacy: It's the hole on which former Colorado Avalanche star Joe Sakic(notes) won $1 million.

Sakic sunk that hole-in-one at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, where a perfect shot on the 17th earned a $1 million bonus from the tournament sponsor — half of it going to Sakic and half going to Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Foundation.

From USA Today, Sakic said:

"That's a shot you never imagine hitting," said Sakic, who won two Stanley Cups with the Colorado Avalanche. "I've never even been close before. If you're going to do it, why not here?"

The shot was great. The charitable aspect was great. But Sakic's reaction was classic: The slow recognition of what he accomplished, followed by that arms-raised start to his victory lap, like he was carrying the Stanley Cup. (And he didn't have to hand his 8-iron to Ray Bourque afterwards, either!)

Congrats to Burnaby Joe. Certainly something to talk about with the other inductees when he's a first-ballot Hall of Famer in 2012 (one assumes).

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