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The bar for unofficial hockey hip-hop anthems is rather high.

The Henrik Zetterberg slow-jam (a.k.a. "Snipe Snipe") remains a minor classic. "The Caps Rap" managed to name-check Mike Gartner's mustache. The Buffalo Sabres playoff rap included Queen and the line "I'm more than a player, I'm more like Golisano."

(Then there's "Flames Face." The less said, the better.)

The latest addition to the puck rap canon is "Cheerin' For My City," from noted MCs K-Maxx and Shelly D, who are seventh-grade students when they aren't rockin' the mic. This Vancouver Canucks unofficial hip-hop jam features lyrical dexterity; a video with lots of slick moves (the running man!), a green screen and at least one gym teacher; and a hook that will linger into your cerebral cortex longer than you'd like it to.

Here's "Cheerin' For My City." Cheerin' cheerin' for my city ...

Man, that Justin Bieber is so talented. Sample prose:

"Power play too good/Ain't nuthin' but goals
Alberts, Bieksa/Too good to be true
Raymond, Demitra/You know they have a shot
We can even play Raycroft."

Strong effort, K-Maxx and Shelly D; we hope to hear this echoing through the buildings in Vancouver during the Canucks' Stanley Cup victory parade. Provided, you know, they aren't eliminated by the Chicago Blackhawks. But even then, we'll keep cheerin' for your city. Or, at the very least, for Japadog.

(By the way, we cannot confirm nor deny these are actually the Green Men. Or the Kurtenbloggers. Or Cody Hodgson(notes) and Cory Schneider(notes).)

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