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In our interview yesterday, former Louisiana IceGators coach Brent Sapergia coach said he couldn't wrap his brain around the "indefinite" suspension by the Southern Professional Hockey League because his stick-tossing tirade was the norm for enraged coaches and benign in comparison to other freak-outs.

Last night on SportsCentre, TSN backed up his claim with the top 10 unusual items thrown on the ice at games -- from angry coaches, angrier players and celebratory fans.

"Tennis balls have come out of the rafters! Look at them falling like raindrops! Or is that hail?"

Great to see the Florida Panthers fans' plastic rats again; and we're not exactly sure how the throwing of ladies' undergarments hasn't become a tradition for when certain NHL pretty boys score goals.

Thanks to YouTube maven DayWalk3r for the clip, and for pointing out that one of our favorite fans-littering-the-ice moments (potential NSFW) sadly didn't make the cut.

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