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This week marks the 135th anniversary of the first time the term "hockey puck" was used in a newspaper, and at the 60th anniversary of Don Rickles using it as a pejorative (unconfirmed).

Celebrating the joy of puck, TSN's "SportsCentre" put together another cool Top 10 list of "hockey puck moments" that's also likely the first time Chris Pronger(notes), President Reagan and the Glow Puck have all appeared in the same compilation:

That clip of Al MacInnis of the St. Louis Blues, in which he put the puck through the boards, was either something we'd forgotten about or haven't seen before. And we could watch that Steve Sullivan(notes) revenge video on a continuous loop; wonder what happened to that fan?

Anything they missed? What about when the fan threw the puck from the stands into the crease during a New York Rangers' home game? Or maybe Craig Adams' water-bottle-holder-in-one shot?

We leave you with the greatest Martin Brodeur(notes) quote ever made: "Why is a puck called a puck? Because dirty little bastard was taken."

Stick-tap to DayWalk3r for the clip.

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