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Please recall last weekend when Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews(notes) appeared at the 2010 MuchMusic Awards show and stood by while Miley Cyrus stumbled over her introduction of Drake.

What wasn't shown, and is set to premiere on MuchMusic this Saturday morning, was the after show during which Toews, an admitted fan of MTV's "Jersey Shore", got the opportunity to meet one of stars of the hit MTV show, Snooki.

After Toews entertained questions from the "Internet host" about potential lip fungus on the Stanley Cup, Snooki joined the conversation (at the 2:39 mark):

A few things about that clip:

1. Did Snooki say her and Sen. John McCain are "dudes"?

2. It's pretty obvious Toews was nervous as hell sitting next to something passed around more times than the Stanley Cup. Have we ever seen him smile for an extended period of time outside of the Cup-celebration?

3. More Snooki-Toews interaction, less annoying "Internet host", please.

4. Good to see that hanging out with Patrick Kane(notes) for the past few years has begun to rub off on Captain Serious in the ladies department.

Despite his admission that he does "GTL" (gym, tan, laundry - the Guido Nation daily routine popularized on "Jersey Shore"), it's the off-season, so Toews is likely on break from that, so we'll just assume he spent the rest of the night fist pumping like a champ in hopes of grabbing a cameo on the next season of the hit MTV series.

(In case MuchMusic pulls the YouTube clip, click on video No. 3 here)

Stick-tap to Ms. Blackhawks for finding the video

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