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This clip is for anyone who has suffered through the singular frustrations of an inept power play. For those whose teams spend two minutes with the man advantage chasing the puck back into their own end. For anyone that has silently prayed for their team to simply decline the penalty and play 5-on-5.

Gather 'round, fellow pitiable puckheads, and gaze upon what a perfectly executed power play goal is supposed to look like, courtesy of IFK Helsinki in the Finnish Elite League playoffs:

All five players touch the puck before the goal. That pass to the slot drew two defenders; that little passing play along the crease left the goalie baffled.

Apparently, Toni Söderholm scored the goal; based on the setup, we suspected this was the result of some kind of long-term Teemu Selanne(notes) cloning project orchestrated by HIFK.

That right there is a perfectly formed snowflake. A Hawaiian sunset. Or Scarlett Johansson showing up at your door with a plate of pancakes and two tickets to a Wilco concert.

We're going to be thinking about this play the next time we're screaming "shooooooot!" from the cheap seats. Because we're that guy.

Stick-tap to Sepi Taala for the clip.

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