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"I would refer to him as a danger to society on the ice." — Chicken Parm on Bryan Marchment.

TSN put together a lengthy countdown of the biggest hitters in recent hockey history (re: last 30 years), and it's terrific on several fronts: Great highlights, great observations from analysts like Bob McKenzie, Matthew Barnaby and Ray Ferraro (like the quote above), and just enough odd choices in the rankings to stir the pot.

Like, for example, Cam Neely being ranked above Rob Blake(notes) and Bryan Marchment. And Eric Lindros placing No. 2 overall on the list.

Here's Part 1 of the TSN feature:

Part 2 is after the jump.

Again, SportsCentre's NHL's Hardest Hitters is a bit of a time commitment: Part 1 was about five minutes and Part 2 will run you 10. But it's worth it for the brutal nostalgia ... including Wendel "What You See Is What You Got" Clark:

Look, it's clear that former Philadelphia Flyers star Eric Lindros was an absolute battering ram during his prime. The highlights don't lie. But are we alone in having a hard time coming to terms with the No. 2 hitter of all-time (per TSN) also being the guy whose head-down, I'm-bigger-than-you style of hockey helped make him a co-star in the biggest hits on opponents' highlight reels?

Check out the videos for the full rankings. Anyone missing? Anyone overrated? Any chance Bryan Marchment wasn't the single most hated player in hockey when his knees ruled the world?

Big-time stick-tap to DayWalk3r for these clips.

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