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As fans of both Ray Harryhausen and Gumby (dammit), we have a special place in our hearts for the meticulous genius of stop-motion animation. Thus, this commercial for Hockey Community, a social site that brings together players around the globe, made us happier than a Quebecer seeing an NHL team go bankrupt:

Perhaps the greatest political attack ad against the two-sided zipper pull we've ever seen …

Even cooler: The Hockey Community blog has a behind-the-scenes feature on the video's creation:

We took more than 2000 photos and spent 2 days at the rink for it. We tried to illustrate our company's mission in a more creative way.

We had an amazing time with the HC Team filming this commercial. The people at 8 rinks (BC, Canada) were kind enough to let us stay the entire night from 10 p.m. till 7 a.m. It's literally a dream to get 8 empty rinks with clean ice just for us!

More photos on Facebook, including this secret-of-the-floating-helmet:

Video: The coolest stop-motion hockey ad we’ve ever seen

Wonder how this video's vibe would change if you swapped out the "My First Daft Punk" soundtrack with something more sinister, like the themes from "Beetlejuice" or "Jaws"? Because haven't we all had that dream where our hockey kit attacks us, dresses and forces us to play at 3 a.m.? What, just us then? What do you mean "therapy"?

s/t Reddit Hockey.

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