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When franchises come out of long periods of slumber and find success again, the bandwagon fans always find a way back. With the turnaround the Chicago Blackhawks have had the past two seasons, it was inevitable that those Windy City sports fans that spend more time focusing on the Bears, Cubs and/or Bulls throughout the year would start learning how to pronounce "Toews" and "Byfuglien" properly.

Enter The Retar Crew and their rap anthem detailing how they've developed a love for the Blackhawks now that, well, they're good again.

(Beware of scenes featuring white boy dancing.)

I don't think Blackhawks fans should worry about this becoming the new goal song at United Center anytime soon. Not only because Blackhawks fan John Cusack and his Malibu Mob friends wouldn't let it happen, but because Bobby Hull finally just learned the words to the "Chelsea Dagger" chorus.

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