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From the makers of last week's KE$HA-inspired tribute to Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens, HockeyGods.com, comes this parody of LMFAO's "I'm In Miami Trick" featuring the Chicago Blackhawks' own pimp, Patrick Kane(notes).

Prepare yourselves for 1:30 of an infectious beat, flaming mullets and at least one can of Kokanee beer. (Some NSFW images.)

This was a slick-looking, visually entertaining clip to be sure; but overall a missed opportunity to mine the subject matter for its many riches. A Patrick Kane parody with nary a reference to limos or Jonathan Toews(notes) Bromance or getting stuck in a cherry picker above the streets of Buffalo? Such squandered potential ...

"I'm in Chicago Trick" has its virtues. But for Patrick Kane video comedy, the Dell Streak commercial remains the pinnacle for 2010.  

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