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Kudos to the team staffer who had the inspired idea to sync this video of the Dallas Stars Planet Tan Ice Girls auditions to a song whose primary lyric is "we can drive around with the top down." Boy, could we ...

You know, on second thought, that song makes the whole training montage feels a little too lighthearted. Give us "You're the Best" from "The Karate Kid" or "Hearts on Fire" from "Rocky IV," and those scenes of synchronized cheerleading would have come across as grueling Jennifer Beals-style dance tribulations.

The Chicago Ice Crew won Puck That Hit's inaugural "Hottest Ice Girls" contest, with Dallas coming in eighth at just 4 percent of the total vote. Clearly, Planet Tan saw the stunning results of that election, put the pressure on the Stars girls, and the end product is an undeniable increase in the hottie quotient. We'll all have our favorites; but let it be known that spunky little Ice Girl Hillary (video) loves to bang on the glass when a bloody fight breaks out on the ice. Puck Daddy approves.

(As an antidote to the lecherous objectification on display here, please re-read Hockey, Football and Stiletto Shoes' (NSFW - language) diatribe on the Lightning Ice Girls. Oh, and if you don't think this is hockey news, Kukla has the video too. And he makes way fewer poop jokes than we do.)

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