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The Bruins Bear strikes again, as the greatest current series of hockey commercials brings us another hockey life lesson: RESPECT THE JERSEY. Or at least have the decency to use your sleeve next time, Blutarsky.

You know you're in trouble when you're getting the death stare from both Terry O'Reilly and a giant bear holding a fire hose.

We almost had sympathy for this lunkhead at the start of the clip, as he appeared to be the victim of an unfortunate ketchup malfunction at the arena. And, let's face it: Any fan that's tried to balance two drinks and a loaded hot dog into the cheap seats probably has a stain or three to show for it.

But as he continued to use the front of his Boston Bruins sweater like a bib at a lobster boil ... well, we would have been fine with the Bruins Bear mauling and devouring him on the spot. Even if we have mad respect for a dude who manages not to spill his beer after being blasted with a typhoon. 

Wonder if that girl who vandalized the bathroom got the firehose reeducation. And if the makers of this clip ever saw "UHF."

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