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Stephen Colbert's puckhead cred cannot be questioned. We're talking about the guy who convinced the OHL's Saginaw Spirit to name its mascot Steagle Colbeagle the Eagle, and then won a bet on the Spirit that created "Stephen Colbert Day" in rival Oshawa. He's been a beacon of journalistic independence for hockey bloggers, and his role as a hockey announcer in "The Love Guru" has Videogum wondering if "we still have to hate it."

On "The Colbert Report," the rock-ribbed American commentator weighed in on the recent controversy over "The Hockey Theme," which was heard on CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada" for decades before a squabble over rights fees allowed CTV to swoop in and acquire it. The National Post has the details:

Calling it "the greatest piece of sports music since Da-na-na--na-naaa-HEY! Da-na-na-na-na,na. Na na-HEY! Da-na-na-na-na," Colbert says he'll turn it into an American tribute to Old Glory, hot dogs and 9mm pistols, with an assault on one of Canada's national symbols added just to rub it right in.

Take a look:

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