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We've all been there: Desperate to round up a few extra bucks to grab ourselves a ticket to see our favorite team's upcoming game. We borrowed from friends and family; dipped into savings; offered ourselves up for erotic favors.

OK, maybe not that last one, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Two St. Louis Blues fans found themselves in that financial predicament on Tuesday when they were hell-bent on raising enough money for a pair of ducats to the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Likely inspired by the successful entrepreneurial spirit that almost made "Naked Cowboy" a New York City mayoral candidate, the two friends decided to dress themselves up in pretty detailed robot costumes and dance on a street corner in the Delmar Loop section of St. Louis.

Video evidence of their venture was taken by the Riverfront Times:

"So, robots are a fan of the Blues even though they're really bad this year?"


Don't try and tell me if you saw two dancing robots on your nearest street corner you wouldn't throw them a buck, no matter what their fundraising goal was. And they did predict that the Blues would beat the Blue Jackets (a 4-1 win for those scoring at home).

Let's just hope that the citizens around the Delmar Loop and those in attendance Tuesday night at Scottrade Center renewed their Old Glory Robot Insurance before coming into contact with these two.

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