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Is it possible for Sidney Crosby to be underrated at anything? We're talking Sidney Christ here, right? Face of the NHL, savior of the sport?

Crosby scored his 100th goal, 200th assist and moved past the 300-point mark for his NHL career in the same game against the Toronto Maple Leafs this weekend. Yet those last two numbers are no doubt more synonymous with Sid than the first.

Maybe his status as one of the League's most total-package players overshadows it. Maybe the highlight reel heroics of peers like Evgeni Malkin and Alexander Ovechkin overshadow it. For whatever the reason, Crosby's abilities as an electrifying goal-scorer has been, we think, undervalued during his meteoric rise in this League.

It's not like he doesn't have some amazing clips for the time capsule already. TSN's Sportscentre put together this highlight countdown (H/T to DayWalk3r) of the Pittsburgh Penguins star's Top 10 NHL goals. They cheat a little bit but using a couple of shootout tallies, but you obviously can't ignore that iconic Winter Classic goal against the Buffalo Sabres.

Totally forgot about No. 5 on this list. Is it possible for the Phoenix Coyotes to give up any more incredible YouTube-moment goals to young NHL stars? They've been like the Washington Generals for guys like Crosby, Ovechkin and Rick Nash.

So, the question bears repeating: Is Sidney Crosby an underrated goal-scorer? Maybe we should go ask unofficial Crosby talent evaluator Marian Hossa of the Detroit Red Wings again ...

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