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Having captured a Stanley Cup championship and an Olympic gold medal, Sidney Crosby(notes) is obviously bored with the minutia of competitive hockey. So he's branching out into Bo Jackson cross-training territory: First with his attempts to shoot pucks through the football uprights at Heinz Field to promote the Winter Classic, and then with batting practice at the Pittsburgh Pirates' PNC Park on Wednesday.

A batting practice that saw him go yard. Way, way yard.

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As originally reported by the Penguins, who said eight Penguins took part in the baseball fun:

Showing off the hands which helped him score a National Hockey League-leading 51 goals last season, Crosby, who played baseball until the age of 13, either hit or one-hopped the wall in right and right center field five times before launching a 370-foot home run deep into the seats just past the 21-foot Clemente Wall in right field.

"I had a little bit of an edge because of I am a lefty," Crosby said. "To be able to come out here was awesome and to be able to put one out was great."

Eat your heart out, Tom Glavine. Upon seeing this video, the NHL immediately scrapped the shootout and instituted a home run derby to end regular-season overtime games involving the Penguins (tin-foil hat, off).

[Video: Stanley Cup champ celebrates onstage at concert ]

Congrats to Sid The Kid, and to Pirates fans: It must have been a thrill to see a Pittsburgh athlete homer in PNC Park, and to know he won't be traded away immediately after due to budgetary concerns.

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