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If Martin Havlat didn't have bad luck … well, then he wouldn't be Martin Havlat. Here's how the San Jose Sharks forward left their 3-2 victory over the Edmonton Oilers on Saturday night — on his hands and knees after appearing to injure his leg on a line change in the third period:

The other incident referenced in the clip was a puck that hit Ales Hemsky on the side of the head while he was on the bench. Hemsky would finish the third period playing regular shifts.

Havlat's last shift in the game was at 11:39 of the third period. We'll update with his injury status if it's revealed in the postgame comments.

In fairness to Havlat — considered one of the most oft-injured players in the NHL during his career — he's played an average of 77 games in his previous three seasons with the Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild.

But still … there's something very Marty Havlat about this injury.

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