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In the third period of Thursday's New York Rangers' loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sean Avery(notes) hit Max Talbot(notes) after the whistle with a check. The Penguins' mercurial winger didn't take kindly to this agitation and struck back with a few punches ... although "punches" may not be the proper terminology.

Let's go with foppish glove slaps; if Talbot was crying "You brute! You brute!" during the altercation, it wouldn't have looked out of place. Avery noted Talbot's unique fighting style, and reacted appropriately (for Sean Avery): With a hilarious pantomime about the punches on his way to the penalty box:

Reader Nancy L. writes: "One of the funniest things I have EVER seen in a hockey game. We must have rewound and watched it again 20 times and nearly wet ourselves laughing every time. I'm STILL randomly cracking up about it today every time I remember it."

In fairness, Talbot has fought some proper hockey fights before, although his win/loss record is that of a pre-Mario Lemieux Penguins team. But these angry kitty scratches on Avery are a little embarrassing, especially since they gave the clown pest of the NHL a chance to analyze them with his particular brand of whimsy.

We fully endorse any effort to get the Max Talbot Slap Punch and the Alex Semin Bongo Punch inside the octagon on PPV, followed by a showing of "Mean Girls."

Thanks to readers Nancy and Eric for the heads-up.

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