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Say what you will about the NHL series from 2K Sports, but their marketing and promotional teams give it the 'ol college try. From the 'This-is-SportsCenter'-esque Rick Nash(notes) video from a few years back to the ill-conceived hockey moms to Alex Ovechkin(notes) on the Zamboni in Manhattan, they've done some daring things to attempt to scale Mount EA Sports in the hockey gaming market.

The latest: NHL 2K11 cover boy Ryan Kesler(notes) of the Vancouver Canucks and game spokes-player Jack Johnson(notes) of the Los Angeles Kings participate in some hijinks involving a 2K tour bus and a cramped shower. 

Dumb? Totally. But any clip that involves Ryan Kesler serenading Jack Johnson with the line "Terry Murray's his dad/but that ain't so bad" deserves at least a few moments of your time. Even if the game itself, a Wii-only title, doesn't exactly look like something you're sleeping outside of Best Buy to purchase on release day.

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