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The National Hockey League has seen its share of jokers over the years. From Dennis Hull to (the soon to be retiring?) Jeremy Roenick(notes) to Pavel Datsyuk(notes), hockey has seen its share of funny personalities.

It's been just over a year since one the great funnymen left our shores, and the New York Rangers, for the KHL. Jaromir Jagr(notes) is truly one of the underrated comedians that have graced the ice in the past 20 years -- intentional or not.

It all began with the photo on his 1990 Score rookie card which, as Yahoo! family member Jamie Mottram perfectly put, depicts Jagr "letting his bangs breathe."

Who can forget him professing his desire to Bill Clement about testing free agency way back in 1992, as well as his love for high-speed driving? Let's also not forget Jagr's attempt to introduce the world to a hockey-version of the movie "Ladybugs."

Coming up, we remember three of Jagr's best acting performances; two which featured the glorious mullet.

And here ... we ... go.

Here's Jagr showing how he would call for the puck every time he was on the ice later in his career with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Who wouldn't feel the need to possess the puck at all times while being surrounded with immortals like Randy Robitaille(notes), Jan Hrdina, and Milan Kraft before feeling like they were "dying alive"?

Here's one of the latest great moments in Jaromir Jagr history: His holiday commercial for the Kontinental Hockey League dressed as Santa Claus. Even with the robe, beard and mittens I bet he'd still be able to stick-handle around Shawn Chambers.

Finally, the great thing about YouTube is being unable to unearth some hidden gems of videos that much of the public may not have seen yet. Here's a classic commercial featuring 'Mario Jr.' schilling for BubbleTape.

Unlike when I was a young lad, I don't recall seeing Jaromir try skating around the Mellon Arena ice with the entire six-foot roll stuffed inside his mouth.

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