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With a chance to win the game for his team, Calgary Flames forward Alex Tanguay(notes) took a shootout attempt against Roberto Luongo(notes). On his shot, the puck disappeared inside Luongo's equipment as momentum carried the goalie's body into the net.

The referees signaled that Luongo had made the save, but it went to video review ... where, refreshingly, the War Room called it a goal despite not being able to see the puck.

Take a look at the shot, the "save," the replays and the verdict:

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When the officials took the puck from Luongo's right pad, it was obvious this should have been a goal; the entire thing was over the goal line, which meant the puck was too. Yet the puck wasn't visible, and we've become so trained to have that be a determining factor in these decisions that it seemed nothing short of X-Ray specs and a Glow Puck were going to give the Flames the benefit of the doubt here.

So when the goal counted, giving Calgary the 4-3 win, it was a pleasant surprise ... well, for the Flames and for common sense. Not so much for the Canucks, we imagine.

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