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Fun fact: I have a "Star Wars" bathroom in my house, which serves both as a depository for my childhood trinkets and a place for me to meditate about the role of midi-chlorians on our everyday lives.

So I appreciate the unique mania that results in a Man Cave, such as the ode to the Pittsburgh Penguins that Rick Werthman has in his house. From Root Sports on Sunday, during the Pens' win at the Atlanta Thrashers, prepare to be jealous:

OK, first off, he has wedding photos of himself as Mario and his bride as Jagr. He also appears to have a full-size Stanley Cup replica. Most of all, he has a freakin' goal light, from Mellon Arena, operated with a remote control.

With the playoffs about to begin, we're all going to be retreating to our hallowed viewing spaces. Do you own a hockey and/or sports Man Cave? Have you ever visited one that impressed you?

If you ever created a hockey Man Cave, would what be a few dream items for it?

Please use the comments to answer these vital questions, and to opine on the Pens Cave featured here. I'll also answer any and all questions about the "Star Wars" Bathroom as well, starting with whether my toilet sounds like a Wookie's growl when it flushes (Answer: maybe).

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