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Alex, a.k.a. SteeltownK on YouTube, has been on our radar for a while now thanks to his raspy-voiced verbal throw-downs (video, beware the loud scream at the open) against teams that dare oppose his beloved Pittsburgh Penguins. He's like Scott Ferrall, if Scott Ferrall found the Zoltar machine from "Big" and wished he was a Pittsburgh fan with a Web cam.

We haven't pimped Alex's videos here because many of them don't contain the same unique charms as, say, the hockey-haired Flyers fan or the guy who gave us the unofficial hip-hop video of the Canadiens. But this one, passed along by our pals at The PensBlog, taps into our new-found fetish for videos shot by fans from their seats inside the arena.

Alex was at Game 5 in Detroit, and this nine-minute video from his seat in Joe Louis Arena covers everything from the Detroit Red Wings hitting the ice; to unbelievably emotional drain of Max Talbot's game-tying goal; to the exhaustion of overtime; to the aftermath of Petr Sykora's game-winner. As a cinematographer, the kid's not exactly Janusz Kaminski. But this video (some NSFW language) offers you a glimpse inside Game 5 that just over 20,000 people had a chance to witness.

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