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NEW YORK -- Chicago Blackhawks stars Patrick Kane(notes) and Jonathan Toews(notes) were at the NHL Store in Manhattan to greet fans, sign autographs, pimp the Toews-covered EA Sports 'NHL 11' ... and participate in a trick-shooting competition on 47th Street.

It was ball hockey, and Kane admitted it may have been an advantage for him considering he plays a lot of street hockey when he's back home in Buffalo. (It also led to some delightful double entendres involving "playing with balls," one delivered by Toews himself.)

I was asked to be a judge in the competition, and have to admit that Toews was the more inventive of the two, including a shot in which he banked the ball off the NHL Store's window and then swatted it with his stick. I gave him high marks for that one, probably to make up for giving him a ‘4' on a previous attempt, which compelled Capt. Serious to point the handle of his stick at me and say, "Here, you try it."

(And I would have, too, were it not for ... uh ... this ... uh ... bad knee. Yeah, bad knee. That's the ticket.)

The event was fun, the store was packed and if the NHL hadn't hired Dominik Hasek(notes) to play goal (or so it seemed, based on his GAA yesterday), Kane and Toews would have finished a few beauties.

Patrick Kane took some time after the event to answer some questions about the Blackhawks' summer talent purge; his enthusiasm for 3-on-3 overtime; whether he or Toews have called Ryan Kesler(notes) to give him grief for NHL 2K11; as well as Kane's hidden love of "Twilight" books and the glory that is Lake Toews. Enjoy:

Puck Daddy chats with Patrick Kane at NHL Store EA Sports event from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

The Twilight book Kane read is "Breaking Dawn," in which (spoiler) a werewolf falls in love with a baby.

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