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In light of Manu Ginobili's Halloween incident and this video of the Green Bay Gamblers junior hockey team, are we in midst of a nationwide war on flying mammals by athletes? Unless, as we quietly hope, they're a symbolic backlash against the saturation of vampire chic in modern pop culture.

If you're someone who finds violence against any animal ghastly, or if you're millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, you may want to avoid this clip of the Gamblers dispatching a bat at their Tuesday night win over Cedar Rapids:

From Fox 11 in Green Bay:

The game was delayed for about five minutes with 16:42 to go in the third period. The bat circled the goalie Steve Summerhays, who took a couple of swings with his stick, but came up empty. The Gamblers finally double teamed the bat, with Brian O'Rourke and Christopher Crane, who also had two goals in the game. The two Gamblers took a flurry of swings and finally connected. The bat was then disposed of with a snow shovel by the maintenance crew.

If a goal, an assist and a fight is a Gordie Howe hat trick, what are two goals and a dead bat? An Ozzy Osbourne 'trick?

An animal having been harmed in a public matter ... cue People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA went after Ginobili aggressively after he swatted a bat during a San Antonio Spurs game, linking his actions to the unconscionable, criminal ones of Michael Vick. Its reaction to this bat-smackdown has been a bit tempered by comparison, because junior hockey players aren't NBA all-stars. From the Associated Press:

Tori Perry of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says the team should have tried to net the animal and release it.

Gamblers Coach Jon Cooper, who sent out his players to slay the beast, claimed he was concerned about the threat of rabies; and what better way to prevent infection than with premeditated bludgeoning, right? We can only hope this means the team is embracing the odd incident, because Green Bay Gamblers Bobble-Bat Night would rule on eBay. At the very least, perhaps fans will update the grand rat tradition of Florida Panthers fans with the Bat Trick ...

Thanks to Puck Buddies Cyra and Jai for the tips and to The Sporting Blog for the video.

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