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In America, journalists are crucified for asking Heisman Trophy winners about their sexual behavior. In Russia ... well, just look at the screen capture from Russia Today's most recent chat with Washington Capitals superstar Alexander Ovechkin(notes).

Earlier this year, Russia Today had an Ovechkin interview that revealed (among other things) his reliance on a lucky pair of scissors and that we should watch him dance if we "want to see what kind of man" he is. With Ovechkin back home in the offseason, RT caught up with him again for another conversation that's unpredictable, uncensored and exactly the sort of fearless inquisition we expect from the Russian media.

An interview that included this passage:

Q. How do you prepare for the game? Is it true that you can't have sex before the match?

OVECHKIN: Sex really helps, actually.

Q. Is that before or after the match?

OVECHKIN: Before and after.

Since he led all Capitals forwards in minutes played and has only missed four games in his entire NHL career, who's going to argue?

Coming up, watch the nearly 10-minute interview and check out some choice excerpts about Russian vs. Canadian players, Russian vs. U.S. women and what makes Ovechkin cry (in theory).

From Russia Today, the interview with Sophie Shevardnadze:

Among the highlights in the dubbed-from-Russian interview:

• When asked the difference between Russian and Canadian players: "One can write a book about the differences between Russian and Canadian hockey ... We are more about technique. We are more technical. We are more ... lucky, I guess. You can say that."

• On whether the KHL will become a serious rival for the NHL: "Currently, I don't see any competition between the NHL and the [KHL]. But as for the future, God willing, there will be quite some rivalry."

• On what could make him cry other than victory, the image says it all:

• Ovechkin said he missed Russian "beauties" while playing in the U.S., and was asked how American women rate: "There are pretty girls there ... but Russians are Russians."

• Finally, we're pretty sure there are one or two Puck Daddy commenters that will enjoy this validation:

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