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In the following clip, a stubborn, prima donna Alex Ovechkin(notes) refuses to remove his skates and causes a commercial director to throw a profanity-laden fit on set.

The following clip is also, obviously, about as real as "The Blair Witch Project." (We'll reserve judgment on "Catfish" until we see it.) Ovechkin has been a CCM pitchman since 2005, and this video obtained by Puck Daddy is in reference to a new campaign. Ovechkin is featured on the CCM website as the face for the U+ Crazy Light skates. It's also fairly amusing, if you like Ivan Drago imitations. (NSFW Bleeped profanity warning.)

Ovechkin CCM commercial shoot viral video from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

It's a little forced, but we're intrigued where the campaign is going: More on-set hi-jinks, or do they take the "Ovechkin's skates fit so well he can't take them off" thing on the road to, say, a supermarket or the security checkpoint at an airport?

We asked around and don't believe there's a cynical subtext intended here with the Washington Capitals star; as in, here's a player that Maxim magazine framed as an obstinate ego and whose behavior last season was labeled as infamous by some in the media. It would have been genius to incorporate that perceived persona, whether it's misinformed of the facts or not, into an ad campaign. As it is, the reference seems coincidental.

Anyway, interesting concept for CCM. Although it would have been gangbusters with Mitchell from "Modern Family" in the role of the director...

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