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The first three minutes of this clip features Ilya Kovalchuk of the Atlanta Thrashers, Alexander Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals and their national teammate Alexei Morozov engaging in some witty stage banter at the Muz-TV awards show. (Is there a Russian equivalent to Bruce Vilanch who writes this stuff?) Far as we can tell, a lot of it centers around their gold medal victory in the IIHF World Championships. Although there's always a chance Nicholson was sitting in the front row. Guaranteed awards show comedy gold, that guy.

At the 2:50 mark, the whole thing becomes surreal, beginning with Morozov's words: "Robina Gibbo!"

Suddenly, "Staying Alive" starts playing and Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees walks out of the crowd to collect some award. At this point, we were fairly certain we were watching an "SNL" outtake. ("Chattin' it up ... on the Russian awards show ... talkin' bout Kovalchuk ... talkin' bout Alex-an-der's chest...") Oh, but it's real. As real at the giant serving platter with what appears to be a Beck's beer logo on it the Russian hockey stars give Robin. As real as that bizarre shot of what appears to be Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap looking forlorn at the end of the clip.

We bow down to Dan Steinberg of the Sports Bog for the tip. And like Dan, we also encourage you to read the outstanding piece in the Washington Times about Ovechkin's older brother, Brian Doyle Ovechkin. (OK, it's really Mikhail, but could you imagine the odds?)

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