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We've seen Alex Ovechkin's(notes) disembodied head (aka Ovech-Head) laughing maniacally inside a school locker and proclaiming that bowling never did anything to make one a better hockey player.

This morning, we bring you exclusively the latest in the Ovechkin series that's pimping CCM's U+ Crazy Light skates, and we're rather fond of the direction it's taken. Next time you're streaming that hip new viral video everyone's talking about, beware: Ovech-Head is watching.

CCM's Alex Ovechkin vs. Silly Videos: Kittens from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

Hey, you in the Sleestak mask: More hockey, less green screen ...

CCM's Alex Ovechkin vs. Silly Videos: Green Screen from Greg Wyshynski on Vimeo.

Oh scruffy, Neanderthallic, pre-Gillette endorsement Alex Ovechkin ... how we've missed thee.

If this CCM campaign leads to the Ovech-Head becoming the new RickRoll'd, we're all for it. Although we'd settle for him exclusively appearing on YouTube clips involving kittens and lasers, if only because it brings society closer to our ultimate dream: Alex Ovechkin on an episode of "Laser Cats." Or maybe Ovechkin and Semin filming a Russian-language "Laser Cats." One of the two.

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