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Friend of Puck Daddy The Two-Line Pass e-mailed us tonight and asked, "Why has no one mentioned this?"

After seeing this clip of Minnesota State hockey player Zach Harrison scoring a natural shorthanded hat trick against North Dakota back on Oct. 17, we're wondering the same thing. Amazing stuff.

From The Two-Line Pass:

Midway through the second period, Zach Harrison picked up a loose puck in the neutral zone and broke in one-on-one with a NoDak defender, then wristed a nifty little shot past Sioux goalie Adam Walaski to make it 3-1 to Harrison's Mavericks.

In the third, he outhustled four Sioux on a power play breakout, got to a loose puck first, took it wide, and beat Walaski to put the Mavs up 4-1. Then, late in the game with two Mavericks in the box and an empty net 185 feet away, Harrison shoveled the puck out of the zone on a backhand and saw it bounce into the goal.

Natural. Shorthanded. Hat trick. Of all the things I've ever seen in spending my life around hockey, nothing has ever compared to how zany this is.

According to the Mankato Free Press, "only five other players" have done this in NCAA Division I hockey history. But the Hockey Hall of Fame wanted Harrison's stick from the game because this was the only natural shorthanded hat trick it could find in college hockey history. By far the coolest thing to happen to Minnesota State University since Craig T. Nelson.

H/T to The Two-Line Pass.

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