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Chicago Blackhawks star Jonathan Toews(notes) appeared on the 2010 MuchMusic Awards on Sunday in what could have been another important milestone in the social loosening of Captain Serious. Cracking a discernable smile after winning the Stanley Cup, and then presenting on an awards show? Based on that progression, he was on track to host "SNL" by mid-December.

Alas, there's no telling how the Blackhawks center's social comfort has regressed thanks to Miley Cyrus's inability to read a cue card or ad-lib. Watch and squirm:

Miley and Toews were introducing Drake, the inspirational artist who was in a wheelchair while attending Degrassi High before becoming a monotone, self-deprecating rap star and Canada's greatest musical export since Justin Bieber. When the show cut over to Drake after this intro, he wasn't ready to perform yet. Good times. 

Unofficial tally during that 1:23 segment: Toews loses to Hanna Montana in total word count, 376,412-to-18. Should have been you, Lizzie McGuire; we know you're down with the puck.

Miley attempted to make up for the awkwardness here by later wearing this; sadly, she ultimately missed a grand opportunity to rename her current single "I Can't Be Toews" in tribute to your 2010 Conn Smythe winner.

Next time: "Party in the USA" featuring a Kris Vertseeg rap hook. (And yes, feel free to be distrubed and/or impressed with our handle on the Miley Cyrus discography.) 

Stick-tap to Lepore and Puck The Media for the video.

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