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The scene: Last Saturday night, middle of the second period in Coventry, England's SkyDome Arena.

The combatants: The Coventry Blaze and the Nottingham Panthers of the Elite Ice Hockey League in the United Kingdom.

In what was already a physical game with 19 penalties called -- mostly for roughing or slashing -- a questionable tripping call was the beginning of a full-on bench clearing brawl.

Coventry's Brad Cruikshank takes down Marc Levers and is sent to the penalty box where he then gets ejected after making an obscene gesture towards the referee. Before exiting the ice, he decides to go after Nottingham goaltender Craig Kowalski, which ignites the brawl. (Kowalski tore his groin during the melee and will miss two months)

And as you'll hear, the play-by-play man really gets into the brawl and even gets to put on his director's hat:

"Danny Meyers should get beaten to hell for that now!"


We really would like to know how to get these guys on VERSUS and into the same booth as Jack Edwards.

So what did the box score look like for this instant-classic chaos?

Both teams accumulated 235 penalty minutes and the bench-clearing brawl added to the already long penalty summary:

Yes, Cruishank was given two match penalties and will be suspended once the EIHL reviews the game footage and Alex Penner received a six-minute triple minor in the first period.

(UPDATE: The BBC is reporting that Cruishank has been given a nine-game suspension, while Meyers was banned for seven. Four other players along with both coaches were also handed suspensions.)

The fun didn't end there as according to the Coventry Telegraph, when play resumed after both teams were sent to the lockers for a brief break, Nottingham ran Coventry backup goalie Tom Murdy and with no call on the play, more unhappiness ensued.

Coventry and Nottingham play each other three more times this season and considering they're averaging 84 PIMs in their five meetings so far, we're eagerly awaiting the long memories of each team.

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